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Design links I love : Issue 11

The Current State of Corporate Personalized Learning : Personalized learning is one of the buzzwords these days. This article is a reality check for how much it is actually implemented in the corporate world.

Schone’s Engaging Interactions for eLearning : A Review : A succinct and helpful review of the popular eBook Engaging Interactions for eLearning by B. J. Schone. If you want some practical examples of engaging interactions, do check out this book.

Research Spotlight: Enhanced Realities for Learning: What You Need to Know : This article poses some important questions regarding our readiness to use enhanced realities for learning. This is timely considering the predicted time frame for mainstream adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality is 5 to 10 years.

Apple’s AR is closer to reality than Google’s : Looks like AR is on its way to mainstream adoption sooner than 5-10 years? Without doubt, User Experience is key to the successes of new inventions.

5 Tips to Improve the Learning Culture of the Organization : Very good tips for improving an organization’s learning culture. A well supported learning culture will help make any learning strategies be more effective.

4 Things I Know About Pattern Libraries : Lately I have come across quite a few blog posts on pattern libraries, albeit all about UX pattern libraries.  This article is one where I think some of the lessons learned are transferable when we build pattern libraries for learning.

FRAME : I would love to try this stop motion app. Looks so fun!

When You Should Say No to Gamification? : Very good tips to help decide whether we should use gamification in  a given situation.

Gamification and Game-Based Learning are Two Different Animals : This provides a succinct explanation of the difference between gamification and game-based learning. These two concepts are often confused.

Learning Leaders: Bob Mosher Advocates “Workflow Learning” : I enjoyed reading this interview with Bob Mosher. A good opportunity to reflect on the evolution of my own design practices.

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Introduction of a New Series: Instructional Design Patterns

“Christopher Alexander, an Austrian-born architect, had a simple, elegant idea. His idea was that people should name and describe solutions to common problems in architecture. He called this a ‘design pattern’.” – From Design Patterns – Coming Full Circles


There are patterns all around us. In the technical world, there are design patterns in architecture, in software engineering, in user experience design, or in anything that we can create a solution(s) to common problems. In Instructional Design, at the course level, as an example, we find design patterns in instructional design theories and models.

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Design links I love : Issue 10

eLearning 2017 Par 1, Part 2, Part 3 : Really enjoy this series from Ken Turner on the eLearning Industry site. Each post examines an eLearning trend of 2017. The parts so far talked about what business organisations need to consider in the midst of dramatic changes in technology landscape. Looking forward to the next parts of the series.

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Design links I love: Issue 9 – Special Issue on Microlearning

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things bought together. – Vincent Van Gogh.

Microlearning is one of the biggest trends in corporate learning these days due to its adaptability and versatility. You can find applications for microlearning in many contexts, in education, at work and also in our everyday life. Take this blog post itself, it is a curation of different micro-resources on microlearning. You can choose what resources to read depending on your interests and needs.

In our busy world, microlearning is a beautiful solution for lifelong learning. It can also help bridge the gap between formal learning and informal learning. In this special issue of Design Links I love, I will share a number of awesome links on the what, why, how and include some examples of microlearning. I will also include links that remind us that microlearning is not the solution for everything.

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Design links I love: Issue 8

Making Learning Work : From Charles Jennings, the co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, this article explains the need to shift from learn-then-work to learning from work. I think it is also important to provide on-demand learning resources that people can access easily and do check this out to understand better the myths around the 70:20:10 model. It’s not about the numbers, it is rather a mindset of how learning professionals could approach learning problems in the work context.

9 Top Features to Look for When Selecting an Animated eLearning Video Maker : This offers very good tips.

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