About Me

About Me imageHello! I’m Hien Nguyen.

Welcome to the Learning Oak. I’m so glad you are here. I’m an instructional designer, though these days I prefer to identify myself as a learning experience designer. I have a Doctor of Education in Instructional System and many years of experience in creating meaningful learning experiences. I started my first foray into learning design almost 15 years ago, as a college student working on a part time job creating computer-based instructions and haven’t looked back ever since! I have worked in both corporate and academic settings. My background in Computer Science and my interest in technology lead to extensive experience with digital learning. I approach each learning project systematically, with a creative touch to provider learners with effective and engaging learning experiences.

Specialties: instructional design, eLearning, performance measurement, learning theories and models, social learning, learning communities, designing cognitive tools for online learning, critical thinking and knowledge building, and user experience.