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Design links I love : Issue 10

eLearning 2017 Par 1, Part 2, Part 3 : Really enjoy this series from Ken Turner on the eLearning Industry site. Each post examines an eLearning trend of 2017. The parts so far talked about what business organisations need to consider in the midst of dramatic changes in technology landscape. Looking forward to the next parts of the series.

Estimating Time To Develop Training: Part I and Part II : Very practical tips for estimating how long it will take to complete a project, e.g. from part 1 – how knowing whether the content is task-based or topic-based helps determines the challenges we’ll face in a project, from part 2 – specific industry standards as references.

Openness: The transition to a barrier-free education :  A good overview of open education, its principles and examples of open education across the globe. Activities using Open Education Resources include Review, Remix, Reuse, and Redistribute.

Learning Design Principles by Pearson : Based on “the field’s best research”, Pearson creates this set of principles to guide the development of their learning products. The principles were published under a Creative Commons license.

Pearson Shares Its Learning Design Principles : A review from Pamela S. Hogle of the recently published Learning Design Principles by Pearson.

Nuts and Bolts : The Best Lessons Learned in Instructional Design : Some very useful tips to consider. I particular like “Don’t over design” and “Learn to use what’s out there”

Research Shows Text to Speech for eLearning Beneficial to Students : This indicates selecting a high quality Text to Speech voice can be a viable alternative to a voice talent.

Peer to Peer Micro-Learning Platform SmartUp Announces $5.5 million Series A : Learning communities in action. Here  is where learners don’t only consume but also create.

5 Creative Project Examples to Inspire You : Feel inspired by these.

IQ is a Myth: Intelligence Has At Least Three Components : They are short term memory, reasoning and verbal ability.

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