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Design links I love: Issue 8

Making Learning Work : From Charles Jennings, the co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, this article explains the need to shift from learn-then-work to learning from work. I think it is also important to provide on-demand learning resources that people can access easily and do check this out to understand better the myths around the 70:20:10 model. It’s not about the numbers, it is rather a mindset of how learning professionals could approach learning problems in the work context.

9 Top Features to Look for When Selecting an Animated eLearning Video Maker : This offers very good tips.

DemoFest Winner DEEP Puts New Spin on Beacon-Based eLearning : This can be a great tool for context-based learning or just-in-time learning.

How You Can Use Social Learning To Engage Your Learners : Having the right learning strategy is important in determining whether social learning can help meet specified learning outcomes. Also includes a lot of interesting statistics on the huge benefits of social learning.

Here’s Why You Should Create a Moodboard for Your Next Digital Learning Project : Moodboard can be used for many types of creative projects. Get inspired, creative and productive for your next eLearning project by creating a moodboard!

Instructional Design Careers In A Digital Transformation Economy : Great food for thoughts on staying relevant as Instructional Designer in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

The Layers of Context to Consider When Creating Story-Based Learning Content : I’d like to try out this approach for creating stories for learning.

Mobile UX Trends for 2017 : What can we bring in mobile learning from this?

Flat Design. History, Benefits and Practice : An awesome read on flat design.

Duolingo : I have used Duolingo for a while and I must say this is an amazing app for learning languages. You can see great instructional design in action in this app.

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