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Design links I love : Issue 6

How do You Define Advanced E-Learning? : Thoughts from Tom Kuhlmann, the host of the Rapid eLearning blog, on what advanced E-Learning means to him. I think it is important that we are clear about this when we use this term in our instructional design work.

Here are Your E-learning tips for 2017 : Another article from the rapid eLearning expert Tom Kuhlmann.

Five Reasons Learners Experience the Spacing Effect and Will’s History of Spacing Out on Learning: Will Thalheimer from the Work Learning blog shares some of what he finds when reviewing scientific research on the spacing effect, one of the most studied learning factor.

Best Articles from 2016 on the eLearning Coach: The eLearning Coach blog is full of gems. Check out this list of the most popular articles in 2016 blog from Connie Malamed.

Improve Engagement, Focus, and Comprehension with Closed Captions for eLearning Videos :  Captioning is not only an accessibility aid, but can also enhances the learning experience.

3 Instructional Design Strategies for Virtual Reality Learning : Tips for creating virtual reality experiences from Karl Kapp, the author of the Gamification of Learning and Instruction.

Freirean Principles for E-Learning : Applying Paulo Freire’s theories of learning in e-learning settings to improve learner engagement.

Nuts and Bolts: The Learner Experience : A review of the past year from Jane Bozarth, the author of the Nuts and Bolts column for the Learning Solutions Magazine.

8 Tips to Create eLearning Videos on a Tight Timeline : Practical tips for creating eLearning video with limited resources.

This is How Artificial Intelligence will Shape eLearning for good : What Artificial Intelligence may mean for eLearning.

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