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Design links I love – Issue 3

Could Robots be Marking Your Homework? : New things to ponder about in terms of how artificial intelligence can affect education: creative robots, digital teachers. At Georgia Tech, there was already a robot teaching assistant in action. Students didn’t recognise she was a robot! The question is “Can the role of teacher be replicated by a robot?”

Infographic: Accessibility in E-Learning: what to know, what to avoid : Practical tips for design for accessibility.

7 Steps Visual Web Design Process : This process could be used to approach the design of the visual part in eLearning.

Curls : A cloud-based tool to help you select colour schemes based on the desired emotions, target audience, types of products, trending colours, and geographical colours.

You’re Design Thinking Too Much : This warns us of overthinking and instead “Do, then think” which the author means “make the thinking smaller, then execute.”

3 Key e-Learning Design Steps from Pixar’s Design Story : Included is a quote from John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer at Pixar & Walt Disney Animation Studios: “I always believed that in order to make a really great animated film, you needed to do three things: tell a compelling STORY that keeps people on the edge of their seat, populate that story with really memorable and APPEALING characters, and put that compelling story and these memorable characters in a BELIEVABLE world. If you can do those three things really well, then the audience will be swept away and totally entertained.”

Three Solid Instructional Design Principles in the Big Short : Offers strategies for helping learners to learn complex content.

Forgetting Helps You Remember : Why Spaced Learning Works : Spaced Learning is a very important instructional strategy to help learners remember what they learn.

The Challenge of Defining eLearning : An interesting discussion of why we need to communicate well to others what eLearning or any term in our field is and practical tips for how.

Principles for multimedia learning with Richard E. Mayer :  A great video of Dr. Richard Mayer talking about multimedia learning. You may be familiar with Dr. Mayer’s multimedia principles.

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